Multiple Video upload getting you down?

Upload video once from one site to many...and track what's working and what's not

Today's web wondering's and curiosity has sprung this gem called Tubemogul. allows you to submit videos to multiple video sites for which you already have accounts. You can view all the analatics within one dashboard, with a whole hog of features that are best to be seen. You are then in a position to examine what works and what doesn't and tailor your future deployments accordingly. At the time of typing this post, if you select five video sites, and upload one file, then this counts as five (5) deployments, which is your monthly limit. If you request further, apparently an amicable arrangment can be reached.

If you are a social enterprise and/or a charity, I would appeal to the support team of Tubemogul to extend this when needed by stating what you are doing to transform peole's lives.

Track with your analystics which ad-sharing video sites such as revver, metacafe, veoh, and to name but a few are helping you create self-sustaining funding avenues. Let people know more about how you make a difference with your video channels, and each view will help you get along that much further.


EveryClick Blue Search Engine now a Widgetbox Widget

You too can now help raise money for ActionAid with Everyclick
I've updated the "everyclick" search box to make it travel better...starting with one click!
Just add the widget to your blog/webpage and together we can make a difference ;-)

The old "javascript/html" widget may look visually that is missing the "get widget" tab, but it is more powerful than that ;-)

It pops a window so you can either copy the code or transfer it to other blogging platforms or web 2.0 aggregators ;-) Click & give it a go ;-)

Alternatively you can add this particular search engine to the others on your browser:
simply go to...

And on the landing page you will see on top-right-hand-corner...'add to search bar'
Click that and it will sort it out for you ;-)

Or...if you want to get your own:
...and make 'everyclick' count...for the benefit of a charity ;-)
Imagine, going about your searches making a difference. Fantastic!

Blogger image and text wrapping Merlarkie

Blogger can be a pain with multiple images speically with text...
I've had issues with making sure that images and text don't wrap around each other when I don't want them to!...I even resorted to some botch HTML and old school tricks of repeating text and making it white. White against white...invisible magic ;-)

It's not x-colleagues would tell me and slap my wrist. But I hadn't explored the attributes of the line break tag : 'BR' between triangular shown in image below

Can you believe that blogger still attempts to interpret 'tags' in the compose mode!...peace be unto blogger and may it get better ;-)

The blogger Edit Html extra tag solution
The way to solve it in blogger, is that once you've got all the images as you want them in "compose mode"...and absolutely nothing else to change!!!...this is important...and I repeat, "absolutely nothing else to change...", then...

1. switch to 'Edit Html' mode (within the posting window)
2. Scroll to find your images...
[and as for some reason blogger insists on making these images clickable links for no reason, get to the end where you should find the closing hyperlink tag of each image you inserted into your post. (Again, blogger is seeing this as a tag even in compose mode!..hence the image below)]

3. Place right next to each of the "closing hyperlink tag" (nestling your image) a "BR" in triangular bracket with the attribute clear equalls all, and "all" in double quotes as shown.
4.Click the 'publish post' button and you're done ;-)

If you forgot to add something to your post...well, you're buggered and you have to repeat the process, I know, it happened to me ;-)


Portable (USB ) Open Source Applications...

Let your non-profit save on valuable resources & document your achievements on the go
I've been using open source portable applicatons for a while now. They are great, trustworthy and overall free. ;-)

This is good news for a non-profit, specially given the buget constraints. An additional benefit, is that you can slim down your PC footprint by not having to install applications. There are lots, and lots of applications you can download and install.

Just make sure that you first install the portableapps platform and after just install via the anything else you install options ->install new app. Check out the screen shot below.

My multimedia Warrior Apps Setup for Portable Apps
This enables an individual to document any project and facilitates editing of photos, audio, video, write reports, encrypt all the files on the drive, shred information, and even preview videos that have been edited. Check out the screen shot below.

Useful links

Platform for Portable apps & applications (most of them)

Word Processor (MS word compatible)

Yellow Sticky Notes (set events, alarms and reminders)

sync, backup and secure, all in one place

camstudio 2.0 portable - video capture of screen areas - vidTutorials

updater-check updates for apps on portableapps platform

wink portable - static screen shots with text bubbles animated tutorials
(output as flash, PDF or HTML)

VirtualDub Portable Edition (Video Editing)

CD/DVD burning on the go

Document shredder (recycle bin)

inkscape portable - Vector Graphics

Audacity Portable - Audio Editing

Gimp Portable Edition - Pixel/Image editing

Searching & Charity Donations come together ;-)

...With 'everyclick' search, a charity of your choice can benefit
Why not make your web searches pay out to charities? can now make donations through searching with 'everyclick'.

I know it's hard to leave the goodgle addiction, but slowly but surely you can move towards 'everyclick' click at a time?

Anyway, I'm really excited to have found it. I've added it to the page directly as it is, but currently I'm turning it into a widget via 'Widget Box' and it's point,paste & click way of building widgets. It's in the process of being approved, and once it is done I can spread it ;-)

I have been supporting action Aid for years... check out my everyclick page...

sample ActionAid EveryClick page
I search the web and raise money for charity with Everyclick.
Join me:

Fulfillment through participation ;-)

CD4 Community Project's music arm: CD4 The video release ;-)

I've been working, and bellieve me it doesn't feel like work, very closely with one of the self-help groups I support, - CD4 Community Project. Their first ever video on the web, "Safe sex" is out now.

I was fortunate to have Carlos & Maria step into my life. They are great people who happen to be HIV+ and are engaging people with music to get the message across.

I feel fulfilled and humbled, Carlos has taught me a lot about life and embracing the moment. Although CD4 is in Sheffield, they are in my heart and mind always. And there they shall remain.
There are more exciting projects and things in the pipeline, stay tuned ;-)

Visit them at their website to find out more and participate...either in person or virtually.
I'm now a virtual volunteer ;-)

CD4 Community Project websites:

Oh, you can check the video here:

Get your favorite Spiriutallity & personal development sites read to you & saved as MP3s
There's so much reading that I want to squeeze into my spiritual journey that I feel sometimes reading can be tiring & counter productive. If you don't want to pay for audio books and like certain websites...then get them read & recorded to mp3. is my favorite site to convert webpages, Text, RSS feeds or documents into MP3:

Point your browser to and sign up for this wonderful free service. I did.

I found that in the current version used on the 2nd of June 2008, it's pretty straight forward to convert websites, feeds (RSS) and various text formats into MP3s and listen onlilne, but I had to create my own hack/work-a-round to get the MP3s of the website. I'll show you how & hope that you find it useful ;-)

The Process:
1. Register at

2. Transform your source material format into MP3 by matching it with corresponding process (in this example I'm taking the URL of this blog to convert to audio)

3. Select your virtual character reader & record it (I got Michael {US Male})
(...from drop down list at bottom of the "read screen").
3. Select your virtual character reader & record it (I got Michael {US Male})
(...from drop down list at bottom of the "read screen").

Getting the audio onto your PC or connected device (for real!!!)
The audio will be processed and the mp3 will be ready for online listening...and you will experience the download of June o2, 2008. To overcome this you will need to have firefox installed and the Video DownloadHelper add-on.

The Hack process: Download Recorded MP3s with Firefox add-on
1. Point your browser to the mozilla page & search for: "DownloadHelper" (Video)
( )

2. Install Video DownloadHelper
2. Install Video DownloadHelper & restart browser (get it here)
(A graphic of 3 grouped greyed out ballons should appear in your navigation bar)

3. Play your MP3 & Pause it (rewind it by dragging the progress bar to beginning)
{DownloadHelper baloons should spin in colour-signalling their readiness}


4. Click on the down Arrow next to balloon graphics & select filename: filename.mp3

5. Save the file to the directory ensuring that you overwrite the original filename and still add ".mp3" after the filename ( it's a minor bug).


You're done...and ready to transfer to your mp3 player or mobile phone

You're done...and ready to transfer to your mp3 player or mobile phone

Orange & its charitable spirit

Orange Puts new meaning & spirit into corporate social responsibility within the charity sector
It is envigorating to see that the invdividual drive for fulfillment lies not only in the personal spiritual journey but also in the paths of companies. Orange created one of those Wow moments on Tuesday 3rd of June 2008. They sent a text message as follows:

Hi from Orange. To donate £2.50 to UNICEF's Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone appeal, text DONATE to 864233. £2.50 will be deducted from your next bill.
Thank you

Does this resonate with the spirit of making this world a better place through our actions and contributions?...for me it was a very refreshing experience that has motivated me to write this post.

How many companies do you know that would motivate you to share such a wonderful story?

See what else Orange does for charities by "clicking here"

Click & Help different Causes

Clicking on sites to find fulfillment is magnficient ;-)

As the more spiritual we become, the more we realize that we all reflect that one source of spirit whose ultimate fulfillment is's a long journey, and before we get there we can help others on the way ;-) now not only by reading here and sharing will you help yourself, but by spending an extra click on the extreme right column, you can help causes too helpling yourself here, you're also helping away and get the buttons for your friend's sites. Peace.