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Resource(s) - free

Why would you want to pay for a 12pp. article on customer/consumer collaboration with the development of products and services when you can tap into these minds on the web for free?

I So after having finished an article on 'conversations-engagment-trust' that weaved in elements of collaboration and co-development I go into London Waterloo today to find the October issue of Harvard Business Review having an article titled, 'The Contribution Revolution: Letting Volunteers Build Your Business' - and the price in sterling? It's like bying a whole book!!!!

(HBR: web image & mobile photo...notice the layout difference in the editions)

Can't we work out a model of how collaboration works out by 'creating our own frankenstein' and learning from others for free?

Even the McDaddy of economics of distributed and open innovation, Dr. Eric von Hippel, has his books for free on his website as well as his research papers on the subject. Others have posted models which are easily available, as well as lovely PDFs...see below! Well, I can always strive to do my bit for the 'open spirit' ;-)

Before you explore the resources I leave you with the thoughts of Clay Sharky

Models, References & Useful Resources - for free!!!

What does 'crowdsourcing' mean for business innovation?

The FLIRT Model of Crowdsourcing - The Updated Model and Background

Overcoming Mass Confusion: Collaborative Customer Co-Design in Online Communities

The Contribution Revolution: Letting Volunteers Build Your Business - Harvard business review -October 2008 Issue 12p.

Geeks in Toyland - how lego tapped into passionate consumers to innovate

The Power Of Us - Mass collaboration on the Internet is shaking up business

Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing

Scoble on Fast Company TV - Using croes to preduct outcomes - predictify

Faces in the Crowd: Brett Snider

Eric von Hippel - wikipedia entry

Eric von Hippel - free papers

Eric von Hippel - free books

The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations

The Wisdom of Crowds Vs Blink...The aggregate & averaging of opinion to model accurate predictions Vs the think slicing instictive discrimination of the individual

Gladwell - author of Blink

Ross Mayfield...Participation Ladder

Ross Mayfield...Power Law of Participation

P.S Forrester has got a couple more that you can google to satisfy your curiosity

PDFs that are available for free also sketch out an architecture of trust & engagement - it starts with a conversation
Information Communiation technologies are ever growing new tentacles and new ways to attempt to strike conversations. These intended interactions are directed at leading invididuals into an unerstanding of how organisations and companies can transform people's lives. Ofcourse, you always have the dark side. Where conversations don'e really exist - rather, monologues, as the case has been for mass media marketing. The fantastic viral video, the break up, couldn't put this more poignantly.

But how do we look at conversations & trust (before we get to the PDFs)?

Connecting Values & Connecting with people - loving people and how you can connect them?
love is the killer App by Tim Sanders (wikipedia), resonates with my philosophy. Really caring and being passionate about what you do, and seeing that what you do can help make a difference to others is a fantastic way to live. I always look at being a conduit. This is one of my main callings, to be a conduit so as to connecting people with other people and resources to help them transform their lives. 'Love is the Killer App' validates those human qualities that go beyond the ego and looks at making an interpersonal difference that ripples along to touch other invididuals, just like in the movie 'pay it forward' (sorry for this plug, only £2.99 at amazon).

As some of the chinese wise men have said over the centuries, a good conversationalist and a good conversation is about genuinely listening twice as much as you talk.
Can we idealise the type of people we wish to converse with?
I love talking to a variety of people. One type are those, who are modest people who love to be, think and do - driven from their hearts and values. This short sentence forms part of the type of emotional DNA snippet (eDNA) element or sequence that interests me. These are just a few qualities/characteristics. The more of the charactersitics I put together, the better the picture I obtain with that particular type. There are others who are growth led and want to learn from every opportunity that comes along. Putting together these unusual suspects, you can see how quickly you can build a unique group of individuals. These are called, Personas (wikipedia) link.

I will sign-post personas, and a non-profit model which I initiated and which I will co-develop. So you can see the importance of who you want to talk with!

Enough 'type talk' look, learn, and hopefully you will share with me and we can start helping out together

What follows are previews and linkt to the freely available PDFs that have been uploaded to issuu

Democratisation of publishing - content & its impact on the attention and digital landscape

Wemedia link

The 'Trust Economy' in a turbulent time, is more essential to undersand than ever

Trust economy link

Citizen - Innovator, how citizen knowledge is helping create wealth & revenues

citizen innovator link

cocreation - let your customers give you a hand with envisioning the future

co-creation link

open source marketing - bringing your customers into your marketing efforts

open source marketing link

How the above leads to engagement of the digital/real life consumer - check out the customer engagement report by Cscape

link to Cscape customer engagement report

What are your principles and do they stack-up? and how do you fair against the 95 theses of the landmark manifesto - cluetrain (only 8pp)

A clue about conversations? Jump on the train...on the cluetrain
I've been aching to write a blog post, but been so busy working and accumulating topics through my 'serial reading'. I guess taht I make up for my book's carbon footprint, and feel better about it being offset by my not owning a car and minimising travel to a yearly milk round.

The time machine exists and you can use it to see the evolution of conversations
I'll have that big nice papaya, three mangoes, and that small bunch of bananas, I said to the fruit seller in Vera Cruz, Mexico, in my Venezuelan accent (which everyone thought was Cuban!). The guy in this small market village told me $20 (Mexican pesos). 'Cuanto?' - how much?... I said in a voice of utter disbelief and a mocking grimace that went across my face like a cloud goes over the sun in an English summer's day!

'Come on', I said in Spanish, the market is about to close, and you can tell from an accent that I'm not from here. I know about tropical fruit, and know that it is not worth as much as you claim. You know what?... I'll give you eight pesos and we can make it a fair deal . And why not make this act an official welcome to me as a tourist.? The guy laughed in his string top, shorts and plastic flip-flops, shook my hand and proceeded to handover the bag while I with the other handed him the money.

I've done the same bartering process in Istanbul, some parts of Mexico, and Venezuela, including some commercial entities who give you discount when you buy higher quantities (half a doze jeans, shirts etc.)

But we know the contrast right?...Smooth talking 'double glazing sales' routines and 'call centre operatives'
These are conversations that we don't want to have because basically we feel that we are going to get done over and we are just another number, another target. There is no real want for a conversation, just to empty our wallets to fulfill quotas. It's no ones fault, just a manifestation of the mindset that reflects the supporting process of mass manufacturing.

Our comfort with the web, broadband penetration, and the technological possibilities have given a rebirth and a multitude of possibilities for new genuine conversations
Our desire to socialize and connect with others has been hard-wired into our DNA for thousands of years. There is no denying that. And so has our desire to share insights, life stories, and our humanity. Where we meet doesn't matter, what matters is the genuine and frank conversations that we can share.

Reading and reflection on these issues that were 'hidden from plain sight' least to me
How this whole lovely 'back to basic' conversations and dialogues (now over the web) was highlighted to me initially around 2003 by 'The Clue Train Manifesto' - that seemed to manifest the discomfort with business as usual. Whole set of tools have evolved over the last decade to continue to refine capture and 'leverage' these conversations in order to allow 'peer influence' to help us make appropriate choices.

The FREE Cluetrain Manifesto (online PDF) - took me on a reading journey of discovery
This post, just focuses on how the 'clue train manifesto' has had such an influence of the many authors who I've recently been busy reading to see how business has embraced these new tools.
Read it, and let me know how it has transform your outlook and mindset - I want business un-usual! that genuinely cares and wants real conversations.

In the meantime, here are the books I read recently that were definitely influenced by the manifesto. And as you can see, I have too been greatly influenced.