Consciously Clearing out the mental junk...

...a step in the right direction
I guess that many of us may not be aware of how we have inherited so many blimmin subcouncious condtioning tapes that shape our behaviour for our well being and at times counter-productively. But I find myself, that even though I clean up with spirituality - at a higher level, sometimes I have to came back to "conscious basics" and dig into the mind!

After reading all sorts of psychology books to address specific "guerilla memory attacks" from ghostly pasts gone by, I found that one book proves to be quite helpful and is a brilliant reference. It's called "Instant Analysis: How to understand and change the 100 most common, annoying, puzzling, self-defeating behaviours and habitsthe link takes you to amazon in new window", by David J. Lieberman, PH.D.

Leiberman tackled the most common/top 100 habits/conditionings that are counter productive. For example opening the book at random, # 27: Wy would I help others than help myself?

If you detect a repetitive behaviour that is not serving you, why not find out about it more, and see if by removing it you can improve your life and therefore your wellbeing?

I love this book and I would recommend it ;-) i have it on my book shelf.

Stepping into State Zero - Starting from Zero

Thirsting for the truth beyond the external worldly evidence...don't believe it
The instinctive Thirst (as Maharaji calls it), and my perception of reality from my early teens, was that it surely couldn't be all as it seemed!...I didn't find organized religion to be inspiring, being born catholic and having read about Islam and Christian Science...yet these diverse religions held "key recurring messages": love thine enemy, know thyself, and seek and you shall find, to name but three ;-)

The translation of the Koran (being the youngest religion) appeared to have greater degrees of guidelines, but it didn't resonate entirely with me. Along the way I met co-seekers who were aspiring to find self-fulfillment and a taste of heaven on earth...not dictated from the outside but from within!...This quest so far, has taken me 25years. It has been like a Sherlock Holmes novel, full of twists, and what have appeared to be dead ends- which in turn have revealed bits of Spiritual DNA which I have followed. The matrix for me resonated with it's message, "everyone is sleeping" and very few are awake! Break free from the programming that makes the external world strong and the internal a co-dependent and slave to the external. I was defining my identity through the eyes of the external world...and I was living with the consequences and symptoms of what makes the "perception of the real world go round and round".

The book map of the territory & review of the journey
The book zero limits, by Joe Vitale has given me the inspiration to share thoughts and ideas with spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood that surrounds me. And true to the open source movement I want to share my personal and shared insights (derived through many conversations with two advanced spiritual disciples Leon and Farida).

1. Three stage process: a. reactive [(submissive) external oriented] -> b. pro-active [(controlling) external oriented] -> c. spiritually inspired [(in-sync with spiritual knowledge) internal & in the moment].
2. Your true nature & reality is lived from the inside out - in the moment, second by second
3. You come from love and happiness, and this only becomes clear when you divorce yourself from all the vestiges, protocols, programs, and material artifacts which you think and believe that define your identity and are mediated by your mind's ego. Only living in the moment and experiencing the process of flow within the moment; be it smiling at someone, dancing, drawing or watching a sunset, only then can you begin to gain an inkling of spiritual clarity and true reality
4. We have to cleanse ourselves spiritually to reduce the burden of toxic energy that continuously play out as patterns within our existence. Please read this again and think about it ;-)
5. Seeking enlightenment and seeing that we all share the same divine light and same need for ultimate fulfillment enables us to clear and remove barriers.

As Maharaji says the knowlege has always been there for centuries, we need to find it and share it ;-)

Resources of interest:
>Maharaji (on YouTube)
>Zero limits, by Joe Vitale (from my amazon affiliate)

Love, peace, enlightenment & tranquility to you ;-)