Website demos can be a doddle with twiddla

Live real time web demo & collab with twiddla - doodles and chat too....

Yes, live website demos, doodling & chattin is a doddle with twiddla, oh and did I mention it was free?

Yes, yes, my wonderful charity chums and little charity chums helpers and buddies! - I bring you another fab free online collaboration review! - have no fear, - Twiddla is here!!!!

kiss good bye to thumb twiddling when asked to support charities, colleagues or invidiuals with web platfomrs/technologies! - this is a tool that is very, very useful and easy to use!
If you know how to use drawing tools in microsoft word or powerpoint and can use a browser - then you re 90% of the way there with twiddla! - it's that easy! - really!

Shapes, text bubbles, free style pencil drawing, adding images - it is all possible with twiddla. You can even chat with colleagues, or if you have skype you can talk to them explaining verbally what you are doing. It's that simple.

So check out the video I have prepared below - and get familiarised with the possiblities.

What is even better is that after contacting the twiddla team as a charity, they told me that anyone with a '.org' or '.edu' email can be upgraded for free. What's the difference? - Well, when you demo a site for people you can do so under the privacy of a "private" - "password protected space".

You can email the unique and customisable password and URL to your audience, so no clown can come in and start grafftiying your work and loading other sites. If you want to get your free upgrade then, send an email to info[at], put into the subject free 'charity' or 'education upgrade' - and in the body tell them that william doust sent you.
So now turn the lights down, get your popcorn and get ready to watch the twiddla show.


twiddla website & sandbox

twiddla free upgrade email contact & details
email: info[at]
subj: free 'charity' or 'education upgrade'
body: william doust told me & sent me
terms & conditions: must have a '.org' or '.edu' for free upgrade
(to password protect your sessions)


Charity Chums - social bookmarks sharing group for charities & non-profits
(share annotated web resources with our little group on diigo)

Charity Chums - linking charities to collaborate smartly and build a better future together ;o)
Through lovely conversations I've encouraged charities to start talking and helping each other with the use of free web and communication tools. It started all with Skype, and web disoveries were then added to the mix - and these are now shared with the use of diigo - bookmarking and web annotation on a web platform.

What's even better is that these initial conversations that were started with free technologies, will now lead to face-to-face meeting to exchange best practice. Thanks to the NCVO's connect scheme they should be able to get together - fingers crossed. This is the scheme where £250 are shared for the day's expenses. £150 - goes to the host and £100 for the visitor. Agh ;0)

Could dabbling in communicating and collaborating via fee web-tools create evidence - to piggy back off other funding? - who knows, but it is worth a cheeky try! - specially when the NCVO connect Scheme has several round fo funding. Next round in June.

Why you could save time - and time is money in the charity sector - by using web tools and social bookmarking
Two of my charity chums, charities which I work with and try to inspire are sharing my passion for learning and making life easier with the use of free web technologies and appliactions to collaborate and save time & money during these credit crunch times.

In this post we will cover the use of Diigo, and in a future blog post we will cover Twiddla with Skype. Stay tuned, and I do hope you enjoy this post.

Using Diigo to share sector discoveries, insights, and great resources - tap into the collective power of soical bookmakring and web annotation
How many people have you met in conferences, events and in other face-to-face circumstances who tell you about great resources on the web that could have helped your project? - If, only, if only you knew?

If only the information of this resource had done a Hudini, and broke free from the confines of your favorites (on your browser) or the silo of your inbox. So many links waiting to help you!

This is where Diigo comes in. Diigo allows you to save, annotate and share the web - on the web! people can search and discover what you want to share! as simple as that. Take a look at the video and I'll see you in a moment.

What do you think?
Check-out the bookmarking screenshots on diigo for a fab review

Don't ask what you can do for diigo but what diigo can do for you
You saw how quickly you can expand your efforts by tapping into "communities of common interests", create/join groups, track keywords and phrases related to your interests and share. Go ahead, join us in diigo and let us share our journey of discovery.

This video only scratches the surface of what diigo allows you to do and connect to
There's much more, stay tuned! - and why not join our family learning and sharing group?


Diigo website

Diigo - bookmarking screen shots

Diigo help - screenshots - everything u need to know

Diigo - presentations on slideshare

Diigo in Education wiki

Diigo toolbar for firefox

Diigo intro video

Charity Chums Group (new- as of this post)

Existing Accelerated Family Learning Group

NCVO connect scheme

I've listened to wonderful heart warming stories - and these contain shorcuts to building strategies and shaping behaviour

I feel that I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work front-line supporting the wonderful charities I came in contact with in my role at campaign for learning. Currently working in London & South East has seen me support my charity chums face-to-face, on skype and on the phone.

The stories I hear so clearly represent the caring values that have become invisible to these organisations, because it is not scripted or rehearsed! - it comes straight from the heart! So my role is to listen and raise a mirror so they can see the building blocks behind their stories that make them so, so unique. Have you seen what lives behind your charity's or group's story? Yes, no?

From this starting point we can build a foundation and uncover vision, mission, strategy and values. You really do need these strong building blocks, because they will shape your choices, your behaviour and everthing you do as an organisation. Once documented and communicated it helps staff and service users see what you are all about. In fact, why not ask your service users if what you think of yourself - is what they think of you? - as they say, your brand is not what you say it is, it is what your publics say it is!

Here are a couple of fantastic free reads - check them out and let me know what you think! - I would love to hear from you...

Story Telling & Story Selling

Talking Strategy & stories


talking strategy diigo anotated link (access to free PDF)

telling stories, selling stories diigo annotated link (access to free PDF)

Amazon related & useful books (my associates links)